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Adam Little
Carolyne Kerr
Fred Fedorsen
Richard Stern
John Raftery

THE LAWYERS AT 551 gerrard street east are a collective of independent lawyers committed to the practice of criminal defence work and to the clients they represent in court.

[ Experienced • Dedicated • Effective ]

THE LAWYERS AT 551 HAVE experience

that comes from years appearing before every level of trial and appellate court in Ontario responding to allegations of illegal conduct covering the full spectrum of criminal and quasi-criminal offences.

THE LAWYERS AT 551 ARE dedicated to

the pursuit of justice for their clients as evidenced by the personal attention each lawyer devotes to each client throughout the trial process, guiding the client and vigorously pursuing the client’s lawful rights.

The Lawyers at 551 are effective at

• applying expertise at every stage of the trial process,

• analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s case,

• determining the best course of action to pursue,

• meticulously preparing for each court proceeding,

• resolutely executing the defence strategy and tactical decisions, and

• skillfully persuading the court of the merits of the ultimate position put forth by the defence.


[ Experienced • Dedicated • Effective ]

The Lawyers at 551 Gerrard Street East include:

Frederick Fedorsen, a well respected criminal lawyer with almost 40 years of extensive courtroom experience who has successfully defended thousands of criminal charges. He and his accomplished associate, Adam Little, are widely recognized in the legal community for their superior expertise in the field of drinking and driving offences;

Richard Stern, known in particular for his proficiency and skill in defending lengthy and complex cases, including homicides, conspiracies, drug offences and white collar crime;

Carolyne Kerr, whose expansive knowledge of criminal law comes from both a background in international studies and courtroom advocacy, making her one of the most uniquely qualified defence counsel in Ontario;

John Raftery, a seasoned veteran of the Ontario courts who demonstrated diligence, focus, and excellence for more than 25 years as a Crown prosecutor; he now brings that unique experience to the defence of his clients.

The Lawyers at 551 Gerrard Street East are sole practitioners who share a common commitment to providing their clients with excellent service and quality representation. They are mutually supportive, pooling their individual knowledge and assisting each other whenever the need arises.


The offices at 551 Gerrard Street East are client-friendly and reassuring, featuring personable, knowledgeable and attentive staff, and a location that is easily accessible by car or by public transit with ample parking available nearby.


The offices of the Lawyers at 551 are easily accessible by car or public transit. Located on the south side of Gerrard Street East, Toronto, just west of Broadview Avenue across from Bridgepoint Health Centre. The Don Valley Parkway runs just to the west as is the River Street exit from Bayview Avenue southbound.

There is ample parking on nearby side streets and the Gerrard streetcar stops within steps of the office.

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